Getting Started with the Rest API

Follow along to get up and running with the eamil API, Sift.

1. Create a Sift Account

Visit the Sift home page and select the Sign Up option. Enter your information and complete the registration process.

2. Find Your Developer Keys

Once you’ve signed in to your new account, Select Account Info from the navigation on the left, then select Reveal Credentials to reveal your API Key and API Secret.

3. Download a Sample Project File

Click the blue "Download Project File" button on this page.

4. Make Your First Request

Use the discovery Rest API endpoint to send us an email and we'll return the valuable info you need.

import siftapi

sift = siftapi.Sift(api_key='', '')
parsed_eml = sift.discovery('/path/to/file')


use Easilydo\SiftApi;

$sift = new SiftApi('api_key', 'api_secret');

$email = file_get_contents('test_file.eml');
$email = trim($email);

try {
  $response = $sift->discovery($email);
} catch (Easilydo\Exceptions\SiftRequestException $e) {
  echo $e->getMessage();

$result = $response['result'];

5. Go to Your Dashboard

Go to your dashboard to continue managing your account.

6. Additional Questions?

View our FAQ for quick answers or email us at for more information.